Easy, on-the-fly customization

CR100BE classice and clean styling is perfect for home or office but has enough room to build a stealthy gaming rig.


The CR100BE’s classic and elegant design is ideal for home or office, and full featured enough to be a serious gaming or content creation machine.

The most simple, elegant and smart way to build you gaming machine

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Direct airflow

The cooling options deliver direct airflow over the hottest components GPU, PSU, motherboard and drives to support optimal perfomance.

Runs as cool as it looks

Incredible number of cooling options and it also sports a side window, so you can show off your computer components.
Air Cooling
The CR100TG comes with sufficient fan mounts to deliver ample cooling for almost any PC configurations.
Water Cooling
For additional cooling, the case has mounts in the front to support up to a 240.0mm watercooling radiator.


Built in a few minutes

The vast interior easily accommodates full-size GPUs and PSUs, with support for plenty of storage with multiple hard drives, SSDs bays and USB 3.0.

Easy maintenance

A healthy machine starts easy and runs smoothly. Take 5 minutes to remove/clean filters, blow dust out of the machine and a final wipe for a great look.


Unboxed Dimensions: 17.7 x 7.2 x 16.5 in / 448.7 x 182.5 x 420.2 mm

Unboxed Weight: 9.5 lb / 4.3 kg

Contents and Specifications

  • 1x Accessories / Spare Parts Box
  • Extras
  • 120.0 mm fans (Standard, LED or RGB)
  • 80.0 mm fans (Standard, LED or RGB)
  • I/O connectors

  • Budget friendly mid-tower with an incredibly full-size interior
  • Supports ATX and mini-ITX motherboards and longer GPUs and PSUs
  • 4x cooling mounts with support for 120.0/80.0 mm fans or 120.0 mm radiators
  • 2x 3.5” HDD and 1x SSD mounts, 2x ODD mounts, 1x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports