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Gaming and All-day Use

Jam-packed with high-end features and designed to deliver the sweet spot between gaming life and daily activities. Additionally, the Stingray display platform deliver incredible speed will give you a cutting-edge and in-game immersion.

Distortion Free Gaming

Comes equipped adaptive sync technologies for full-frame images that do not slow down your game-play. It is fully compatible with GPUs using AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies.

Precision Panel

All Stingray displays come equipped with high performance panels to ensure worry-free operations. Each panel is individually tested to deliver the best viewing experience and create a display with remarkable brightness and contrast.

Wide Viewing Angle

Every gaming session is important and that is why the having a wide angle provides the right color and image quality for a competitive edge. The Stingray displays proved the viewing angle to maintain expectational colors and contrasts for gaming and everyday needs.


Experience the magnificent native refresh rates of up to 165Hz, which is way above leading regular (60Hz) and gaming (120Hz) monitors. The true 1.0ms response time completely eliminates blurs and delivers extremely responsive game-play.

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Balanced for everyday use

All Stingray Displays are designed to fit in any environment, from school, dorm, bedroom to an office. It is a new, universal and minimalistic design that is fit for all. By using the right panel technology, the Stingray Display achieves the perfect sweet spot between performance and budget friendliness. Only surpassed by its true colors and achieving up to 99% sRGB color coverage.

Simple and easy to use

The onboard I/0 joystick and streamlined UI allow you to configure the monitor to your specific needs with ease. Simply click the specific button, select the desired function, adjust and enjoy!

Perfectly balanced range

The Stingray displays have been designed to deliver a sustained brightness around 350 nits over long periods without ever dimming. Along with efficient backlight control, this delivers outstanding contrast between the brightest brights and the blackest blacks. Complemented by power saving mode to reduce consumption when it is not needed.

VESA mount ready

100% compatible with the VESA standard of the four-hole attachment interface. Simply use a VESA 75x75 base, attach it to the back of the display with the provided screws and you are done.

Connectivity options

Ports & Slots:

1. Power 2. USB 2.0 3. Headphone 4. HDMI 5. DisplayPort 6. VESA mount

Cables Included:

1. Power cable
1. HDMI cable


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Unboxed Dimensions:19.4 x 9.0 x 24.6 in / 493.0 x 228.0 x 625.0 mm

Unboxed Weight:11.1 LB / 5.1 KG

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